Membership Prices:

Annual Individual Membership:  $80.00
Family Membership:                     $90.00

(Family is defined as Spouse, common-law partner or one family member 18 years of age or younger.  Each additional family member - 18 years or younger - $10.00 per person.)

Fees Per Round:

Punch Cards: (All holders of punch cards must have a current membership card before shooting)
 10 Round Card:   $60.00
 20 Round Card:   $120.00

Cash Rounds (for guests)
  1 Round (25 birds)  $7.00
  1 Round (25 birds)  $6.00 for members from club's with reciprocal fee's)

Guests are permitted to shoot on 3 days and thereafter will be encouraged to have a membership.


Kimberley Trap and Skeet Club provides opportunities for private group shoots; families, youth, ladies only, golfers and corporations.  There is a minimum set-up fee of $100.00 for groups up to 10 persons.  Larger groups should contact the club.

The club does not sell ammunition nor rent firearms, however, arrangements can be made to have some firearms available for a donation to the club for their use.  Contact the club for additional information.


Trap – Skeet – 5 Stand
•   Assume every firearm is loaded until you prove it safe.
•   Action of the firearm must remain open at all times until it is your turn to shoot.
•   Do not load the firearm until you are on the shooting pad or stall.
•   Control the muzzle of the firearm down range when loading.
•   Never change stations with a shell in the firearm chamber.
•   In the case of an ammunition malfunction, control the muzzle down range and wait 60 seconds prior to removing the   shell.
•   Do not use and shells with a shot size larger than 7 1/2.
    Shells must be target loads for trap, skeet, 5 Stand and Olympic style shooting.
    1 1/8 oz. 1290 fps (feet per second)
    1 oz. 1325 fps
    7/8 oz. 1350 fps
•   Load no more than 2 shells for trap doubles, 5 stand, and skeet stations 1 through 7.
    Load no more than 1 shell for skeet station 8 or trap.
•   Do not walk onto a field to retrieve spent hulls while others are preparing to shoot.
•   Do not walk in front of the skeet low house chute, trap house or 5 stand target thrower while the release button is active or in hand of the scorer. This also applies to when the microphones are still active.
•   Always wear the proper eye and ear protection while shooting or acting as a spectator in close proximity to the shooting fields.
•   Do not distract others in any way while they are preparing to shoot.
•   A barrel length of 26” is allowed on our shooting range.
•   This is a shotgun only facility. No handguns or rifles are permitted at any time.
•   Obey range commands that are given by the range officer.

Please ask if you are not sure. We will do our best to help and accommodate all requests

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